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Guide in How To make LVL 380 Opt.

In jos

Guide in How To make LVL 380 Opt.

Mesaj  KnockedOut la data de Vin Mai 30, 2008 1:06 pm

you can only use this opt. which items requires you to reach lvl 380

These Items Require LVL 380:

1. Sunlight Set Includes : ------------> this set is for DL(Dark Lord)
A. Sunlight Armor
B. Sunlight Pants
C. Sunlight Helm
D. Sunlight Boots
E. Sunlight Gloves

2. Dragon Knight set Inlcudes : ------------> this set is for BK(Blade Knight)
A. Dragon Knight Armor

B. Dragon Knight Pants
C. Dragon Knight Helm
D. Dragon Knight Boots
E. Dragon Knight Gloves

3. Venomist Set Includes : ------------> this set is for SM(Soul Master)
A. Venomist Armor
B. Venomist Pants
C. Venomist Helm
D. Venomist Boots
E. Venomist Gloves

4. Volcano set Includes : ------------> this set is for MG(Magic Gladiator)
A. Volcano Armor
B. Volcano Pants
C. Volcano Boots
D. Volcano Gloves
Note: There is no Helm Cause MG is not Wearing Helm Very Happy

5.Sylpwind Set Includes: ------------> this set is for ME(Muse ELF)
A. Sylpwind Armor
B. Sylpwind Pants
C. Sylpwind Helm
D. Sylpwind Boots
E. Sylpwind Gloves

Swords, Bow, Staff, Scepter, and Blade That Requires a LVL 380 Opt.
1. Light Solay Scepter ------> For DL
2. Bone Blade ------> For BK
3. Grand Viper Staff ------> For SM
4. Explosion Blade ------> For MG
5. sylpwind Bow ------> For ME

To Make LVL 380 Opt. These are The Requirement
1. JOH (Jewel of Harmony)
2. JOG (Jewel of Guardian)
3. The items Which Requires LVL 380.
4. The items Which Requires LVL 380 must have a JOL opt.

How To make it :
1. Go to the Chaos Machine
2. Choose or Click " Item Option Combination "
3. Then Put the Items " or Requirement"
4. Them Combine

If it is successfull you now have the LVL 380 Opt.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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