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Kantru Event

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Kantru Event

Mesaj la data de Joi Apr 24, 2008 11:12 pm

Teleport to Kanturu Remair

Entrance is located at Kanturu Remair (coordinates: 141, 184). Players must have Moonstone ring equipped. you can get such ring from Lorencia Bar or Silent Map. The maximum amount of players is 15 never seen that many in there.

The Calm before the storm..

1. Check the timer on core gate. The entrance to Refinery tower will be Open for 23 hours once players have entered. the hours to enter the event may vary depending on your location the server and the time that took the last team to finish the event last day you must check yourself how much time is left there's not specific time.

2. Once the countdown is over the doors will close and you won't be able to enter for another hour until the door opens again for those who have the ring. People on Kanturu and Kanturu 2 will receive an announcement of this.

3. Once you enter the door you will be teleported to a sky like place much like Icarus

And so the battle Begins...

Recommend class to kill Maya:Soulmaster or Grandmaster

Players must kill all 40 monsters for Maya’s Left Hand to appear the time limit to both kill the hand and the monsters is 20 minutes if you fail in defeating all monster within this time you will be teleported to the start of Kanturu Remair Safe Zone but you can reenter and start over as many times as you want.

Whenever a player is killed it will just re spawn on the spot unlimitedly much like Arena.

After killing Maya’s Left Hand, a 2 minute period stand-by period is given. If less than 15 players are left after the battle, new players can enter to fill the maximum 15 players allowed

Tip:Maya's hands may drop good excellent items or simply nothing.

After the stand-by period, 40 monsters spawn and must be killed by players for Maya’s Right Hand to appear and again must be killed within the 20 minutes time limit!.

Once Maya’s right hand is killed, a 2 minute stand-by period is given. If less than 15 players are left after the battle, new players can enter to fill the maximum 15 players allowed.

After the stand-by period, 20 monsters spawn and must be killed for Maya’s both Hands to appear and be killed.

All four hands for no reason at all can sometimes kill you with just one punch even if you are the strongest in the server...

For a Bk Maya's fight can be frustrating they will get lots of miss on it at the beginning unlike the Gm or SM which can hit the hand from the start but for far less damage.

Once Maya is defeated, she will explode and players will fall to the second Boss Map to face Nightmare

This area it's most of the time a race to see who gets to nightmare first and kill it recommended class to kill Nightmare the Blade Master.

Nightmare will most of time teleport when struck anywhere on the map most of times to the back of it once he is defeated within the time limit which is 20 minutes. The entrance to the refinery tower will finally be open there you were supposed to find an NPC that converts your Raw gemstones into Harmonies sadly we do not have it here.

If you fail or all players teleport out of the map without killing nightmare you can just reenter the event and start over from the beginning and kill maya again. Yes you can get more excelent items this way.

The End

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