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* Armor: These are the armor sets that are used by the characters. The sets are made of Boots, Gloves, Pants, Armor and Helm. The Magic Gladiator cannot wear a helm so its sets do not include helms, therefore giving this character class a disadvantage. The armor a character is wearing provides an easy way to guess a character's experience and overall power. Some higher level characters who are not able to afford more expensive armors may be mistaken for a low level. Wearing a complete set of armor where all the pieces come from the same armor set gives a bonus to defense rate.
* Weapons: There are many varieties of weapons ranging from swords and bows to staffs and Scepters. They require either one or both hands to equip. A shield can be equipped when a one-handed weapon is used.

* Rings and pendants - These items provide resistance towards certain status effects, but can also provide HP recovery, mana increase and AG (stamina) increase through options.
* Guardian items - You can equip guardians to give your character a boost during battle. However they are rare and disposable.
* Pets - Pets can be used by a Dark Lord. So far there are three different kind of pets. They are similar to Guardian Items, but they have unique abilities, can be leveled and recover their health.
* Wings - Wings provide a powerful increase in damage and decrease in damage received for a character, and also allow you to tell that a character is over level 180. Wings allow a character to hover over the ground instead of walking, and are faster than walking or running. They may have options attached, such as Automatic HP Recovery, and they also allow entrance into Icarus. There are three levels of wings, all of which are created via the Chaos Machine. Each character class has their own set of wings (except Dark Lord who wears a Cape).


These are the second most expensive, rare and useful items in MU. There are 5 different jewels, each one with its own use. According to the story, each of the jewels is a fragment of the sealing stone that held Kundun before it shattered. They are the Jewels of Chaos, Bless, Soul, Life, and Creation. There are also Jewels of Guardian and Harmony. On Mu global Jewel drops are very rare, since they have a very low drop rate which makes the jewels value extremely high thus forming the base of trading and exchange for items.

Combination items

These are items included in some Chaos Machine recipes and are used in combination with jewels to form newer items (wings, cape, ticket to devil square, cloak of invisibility, etc.) through the Chaos Goblin in Noria. But there are chances of failing and losing the items as well as your money.


These are rare items dropped only by Golden Mobs (monsters). To open a box and find out what is inside it, it must be dropped from the player's inventory onto the ground. It could drop zen, a good regular item (+4/5 +option and maybe +luck), an excellent item, or nothing. The boxes currently implemented are Boxes of Luck, Heaven (private servers only), and Kundun. A Box of Kundun will have a level associated with it, ranging from +1 to +5, that determines the reward.
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